Are playing RPG’s helping your network marketing business?

I was sitting at my desk a few days ago thinking about how playing video games can help your MLM business. The more I thought about it the more I kept thinking of how it doesn’t grow your business. So I came up with another idea that I think just might help. 

Though I know that playing video games will NOT help you enroll prospects into your business or get anything productive done but I have realized that some games are actually similar to MLM. I know, it sounds crazy but hear me out. The one genre I thought to be most like MLM are RPG’s (role playing games). Now I know it sounds crazy and I am sure I am slightly crazy but how I see it is people who devote so much time in this genre type are in fact playing a “cloaked” MLM game. 

Here is how I got to this amazing crazy idea. 

RPG’s are full of opportunity, excitement, treasures, people and hard work. 

In MLM hard work and consistent persistence will pay off BIG. The same goes for most RPG games. In the beginning of an RPG your character is a very low rank or no rank at all, zero experience, and it will take some time to get used to how the game plays. Then after hours upon hours of play, your hard work and determination pays off. Now you have a well experience character, your rank has increased, and a multitude of other things happened. 

Over time you will collect knowledge, wisdom and experience. 

Your character based on your actions will “level up” when experience is earned by defeating challenges and enemies. The same holds true in the MLM world. When you gain some experience and defeat challenges you to will “level up” to the next rank. 

Some video games are hard work and take hours upon hours to complete and some truly don’t really end. That same principle is true with network marketing. The business can be hard and take’s a lot of time to do but the challenge is often very rewarding. 

If you play RPG’s often then you just might understand what I mean. Of course this can go into great amounts of detail but the basics get the points rounded. If you play RPG’s, consider yourself pre qualified for any network marketing opportunity. You already possess some of the basic skills and fundamentals to do it. 

Gamer’s be ready. MLM is in your blood. Hardwork, consistent persistence and dedication will lead you to a rewarding MLM future. 

Let us all start getting more experience and begin “leveling up” because in the end no matter what we all will have achieved something. 

To your success, 

Greg Shepard

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A short pencil is better than a long memory

That is the truth. I used to think remembering everything by muscle memory was cool. Everything was in my mind and I didn’t have to write anything down. Boy was I wrong! You see, in the professional network marketing world, note’s are everything. I don’t care if it’s a basic house event or the yearly company convention. You must take note’s. It is nearly impossible to remember every little bit of detail from any meeting and event you attend and if you are serious about your business your going to every single event possible. Notes are what will keep you accountable and give more credibility. You simply can’t be a know it all in this business. You must be coachable no matter what. Even the top earners are constant learners. 

Here is what note taking did for me. When I started I went to meetings without a pad of paper or a pen. One of my very first events I went to I was told the #3 income earner is coming. This was exciting and I knew I would learn a lot from him. Did I bring a pen and paper? No, I didn’t. I thought listening was better and retaining the info later. I sat up front and one of the first things he said is “who here is taking notes?” The majority of people raised their hands. He then replied with “congratulations, you are one step closer than everyone else in this room to becoming successful”. I was stunned and embarrassed. But he is right. Note’s made me a better person. It proved to my team and my coach I am serious about my business and treating my business like a million dollar business will pay me a million dollars. That is amazing! Just from notes you can make a million dollars! 

That is how valuable note taking is in this profession. People not only look up to you as a leader or mentor but they will do what you do. When your team are all taking notes and consistently learning and bringing these teachings to their team, boy does it get exciting! The bottom line. Get a journal and start taking notes. It will become more valuable than you think. 

To your success, 

Greg Shepard

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A lesson learned in Network Marketing.

Back in 2010 I was at a Saturday morning training session listening to every word the trainer had to say. Out of all the notes I took and question’s I asked one thing hit me hard. This became a huge focus in building my team. A lot of people when they start believe they need to build a huge team to become successful. This is partly true. A large team will bring you great success but if you focus solely on building a huge team you will fail. 

Here is what I took from that Saturday morning. 

“If you focus on building a big team you will fail. If you focus on two and get two, you will build a dynasty” 

This is simple. You don’t want to go out and sign up 100 people in one day. It’s nearly impossible to focus on 100 people a day and getting them do duplicate what you did. Think about it. You want 100 people now or 1,000 people in 90 days? If you focus on two like minded people and help them focus on their two eventually you will have an empire. 

This lesson is very powerful and should be added to your arsenal. Focus on your two and help your two focus on theirs. When they are ready and can do the same you mentored them to do, then repeat the process. 

BREAKDOWN: Get 2 like minded people. Help those 2 get 2 like minded individuals. REPEAT. 

You will be glad you did. 

To your success, 

Greg Shepard

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The Recipe for SUCCESS.

There are 5 ingredient’s in this recipe. This delicious recipe will surely help you in your network marketing business. 

Dream: A dream is very important. You must have a dream, big or small. Envision it. 

Vehicle: ( Have a drive) Motivation is key and you will want to have a strong drive that will get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

A System: What will get you results? Get into a system that works for you. Do you use Facebook, online ads or leads? Do 2-3 things and do them well. Over time that system will get you results as long as you work on it. Your MLM company may also have a great system already in place for you. 

A Plan: Create a game plan. What are you going to do to set you up for success?  

A Mentor: This is important. Your mentor (success coach) will be the person that will help you build your business. He or she will teach you what it takes to get you to the next level. He or she can answer your question’s, help you create a game plan, help you drive to your dream. 

Remember someday you will be a mentor for someone in your business. People will come to you and being a mentor to someone is a fantastic feeling. Every day we go out and change lives and a great mentor will encourage you to be great. 

Get into the habit of having a successful recipe for you and your team. 

Remember to form a habit of doing what the unsuccessful people don’t like to do. 


To your success,

Greg Shepard

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Duplication is just one of many KEYS to success

Take a good look at your key chain. How many keys do you have on that chain? Two? Three? Possibly more? Each key on your key chain unlocks a specific door that key belongs to. It may go to your car, house or shed. Now imagine those keys unlock doors of opportunity, dreams and success. I’m not saying to go out and add 100 keys to your key chain but if you had unlimited amount of keys how many doors would you unlock? 

In network marketing it isn’t about you as much as it is about your team and their success. It is about how many keys can you give them? There are so many ways to grow a massive thriving MLM business. So let’s talk about one of the many keys, DUPLICATION. 

Duplication is extremely important in the network marketing world. Duplication will get you and your team results and in time a thriving business. Duplication is a big key to the success of you and your team’s business. Finding what duplicates for you and your team is another key. 

Remember you become the leader and others will look up to you. Here are a few things that are surely duplicatable. 

1. Get on the company calls. No excuses. This is vital and shows that you are serious. Everyone can get on a call. This is very duplicatable. 

2. Invite. This is another crucial step. Anyone can invite people to an event. 

3. Hand out samples. (If you have any) People love free samples. Anyone can do it. 

4. Utilize your up line. This is very important and adds credibility to you. Utilizing your up line is very duplicatable. 

5. Social networks. If you’re having great success meeting and talking to people using social networks let your team in on it. Let them know what you are doing that is producing results. Remember it has to be simple. Duplication is simple. 

6. There are so many other duplicatable things you can do. Find what works for you and your team. 

Keep everyone in the loop and pass on any valuable info to your team. Even the smallest tidbit of information can mean a lot to someone who believes you care. Keep in mind that people do not care about how much you know until they know how much you care. 

Caring is duplicatable and duplication is just one of many keys that will launch your business to the next level. 

To your success, 

Greg Shepard

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The Recession Paradox

Everyone has felt the bold power of the recession and how it has crippled many entities including families. The bad news is that most of these corporate jobs are not recession proof. Are there exceptions? Of course, some companies have enough money to survive the recession and push through, but the reality of the matter is the majority cannot survive. I have seen families including my own lose jobs because the stores had to close. We all have seen this in CNN (Constantly Negative News) about how bad the recession is and toll it is taking on Americans. The truth here is we all get a job (just over broke) to have a false sense of security that this won’t ever happen to me. We trade our time for a paycheck just so we can feel secure. At least for me, that is how I felt when I did work for a company. 

The recession like many other things such as mlm for example has put a bad taste in every one’s mouth. It seemed that we had trusted others to give us security through bad time’s and things will get easier. Has the promise come to fruition? To me, that is the paradox. Many can argue yes and many can argue no. Did help come? Sure, but not in the way many expected it to. I am always wondering why many people do not go to a recession proof career? 

Perhaps it could be intimidation, lack of skills, or it simply isn’t for them. Like I said earlier many corporations aren’t recession proof. Look at them, best buy, sears, jc penny, borders books, etc. Some went out of business, others are restructuring or having difficulties. A good one is the automobile market. It is unfortunate that there aren’t many workshops to help others learn skills. Are there options available? Absolutely, but far and in between. 

Every company isn’t 100% recession proof, even network marketing companies. The fact is mlm does so much better during a recession and become’s a recession proof juggernaut. Why? Because so many people look for alternative ways to make money. There is also the downside of it, many scams rise up and people aren’t educated enough to know the real legit money making opportunities from the fake ones. That is what makes my career and so many others a difficult one, but not impossible. 

Is mlm a bullet proof vest for people? Yes. Yes it is. But is it for everyone? The answer is no. I like to believe that it is because you can learn so much about various markets and attain skills you never thought you had. Just like anything in life a quick dollar doesn’t exist unless you win the lottery. Even in network marketing. Can you make good money quickly? Yes, you can. But those individuals work hard, very hard. Any thing or any job or career that pays well, very well requires very hard work. Jobs that are easy do not require much work and thus pay you less. You just have to decide where you stand on the spectrum and what you truly want out of life, not just for yourself but for others. All of us are vulnerable during a recession but we do not have to showcase it. We can be strong and believe that we can do greater things or try something new. We can’t be 100% recession proof but we can surely be recession resistant. Network marketing has created many careers for people. 

So I guess the question is, 

Be stuck in an office for 8 hours a day or work from home any time you wish?


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In the land of the blind the man with one eye get’s to be king

For years I worked in the restaurant industry. There, nobody had ever really heard the term “up-sell.” The concept did not exist. Those who did up-sell didn’t know the actual reason or why they up-selling, except to have a bigger check and a bigger tip. 

This industry is notorious for hiring anyone who can be friendly and learn a menu quickly. Pretty much giving anyone a chance to learn a lot of basic skills. We gave employees, who barely knew how to sell food and beverages, a few tables to earn tips in exchange for their willingness to walk out on the floor ready to up-sell any guest that sits down. 

In fact I knew a guy named Robert who did exactly that, up-sell. Every night he worked his check averages and sales were nearly doubling that of others. Sure, this could be poor training that could be blamed on management. But most people do not know being a server or even a host you are in sales. Robert was king at this restaurant. He knew the type of clientele and knew how to talk to them. He exerted confidence and passion for what he was selling. Most people hired in this industry do not have the same passion. The easy money and  pay check just so bills can be paid. Robert had a different mindset and eventually others wanted the amount of tips he was making day in and day out. 

In the realm of this industry those who know it can make excellent money. Obviously many factors dictate the income level as well. But for an average family restaurant and a 4 hour shift making 150$ a night on average isn’t shabby. Robert was king. He saw what it took to make the extra money. He learned it and became it. Because of his willingness and passion he isn’t wondering the land of the blind, he is leading, coaching and helping others develop the same skill set so some day other’s will get the opportunity to be king. 

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